Following a visit by OFSTED in March 2018 to the Southcourt Baptist Church Playgroup (now named The Treehouse Pre-School), our setting was awarded a GOOD rating. Below is a summary of the key findings by the inspector at that visit:

  • The management has a clear vision for the pre-school. It is working effectively with parents, children and staff to identify and develop areas for improvement.

  • Staff provide good support for children who have special educational needs and/or disabilities and for children who speak English as a second language. They use additional funding and work well with outside agencies to ensure those children who need extra help and support catch up quickly.

  • Staff closely observe children and consistently plan learning experiences that capture children’s interests. All children are keen to join in with the range of challenging activities and make good progress from their starting points.

  • Staff teach children to be kind and to listen to their friends. Children thoroughly enjoy team games and show a good understanding of expectations set by staff.

  • Children have developed strong bonds with every staff member. They independently explore the indoor and outdoor environment and show they feel secure in the setting.