We are in the fortunate position of being in a purpose built setting and are therefore able to cater for most additional needs whether physical or educational.

Due to our longstanding staff team we have amassed a wealth of experience in special educational needs which means we can support all individual children’s additional needs, calling in support from other agencies where necessary. We ensure we all have the right training for each child’s individual needs to support them to their full potential.

Charlotte Baldwin is our named Special Educational Needs Coordinator, please do speak to her if you have any queries or concerns. email address; charlotte.baldwin@thetreehousepre-school.org

We also recognise that we are in a multi-cultural area and therefore welcome families with many different first languages. Due to the experiences we have gained over the years we are able to use appropriate strategies such as visual cues to support your children whilst in Pre-School. Please also visit the Buckinghamshire county council website for updates and support; https://familyinfo.buckinghamshire.gov.uk/send/