The children are dropped off in the pre-school room at 9.30 a.m. A time of ‘freeflow play’ then ensues with children able to choose whether to play inside or outside.

From 10.15 until 11.00 we operate a rolling snack time where the children are encouraged to have a snack, which is provided by us and consists of fruit and vegetables or other healthy options during a suitable break in their play.

Following snack time we usually encourage all children to have a playtime outside as we know and value the benefits of fresh air and exercise for all children. At 12.p.m we tidy up outside and either participate in ring games or songs outside or come inside for a story or music time.

Children who attend the morning session will go home at 12.30 when the children who stay all day will have lunch. Lunch boxes are provided by parents which should consist of healthy options to eat. Lunchtime runs until 13.15 when all children will go outside and have free choice as to what activity to do. At 14.00 all children come inside and depending on age will either take part in our SALLEY (Structured Activities for Language and Literacy in the Early Years) Group which helps prepare children for school, or participate in an age appropriate craft or science experiment. The pre-school session ends for all children at 14.30.